Monday, February 1, 2010

What Does Polyps On The Brain Mean What Does This Brain MRI Result Mean?

What does this brain MRI result mean? - what does polyps on the brain mean

I was dizzy and tired for a year with great nausea.

There is slight thickening of the mucosa in the maxillary sinus, bilateral ethmoid and sphenoid with small retention cyst maxillary sinus polyps.
Impression: Normal MRI cerebral sinuses and benign hypertrophy of adenoids mucosal thickening.


tallmoch... said...

You have an infection and / or inflammation of the nose and vegetations. You probably have post-nasal drip nausea and dizziness may Sinus pressure.
Your doctor will antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs (like prednisone or Solumedrol).

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